Children are always welcome in our church.  We like to include them in worship and welcome them during communion.  They're included in the opening of worship and then go to their own space for special lessons and activities after the Children's Sermon.


Throughout the year, special events are planned such as "No School Days" when special activities are planned at the church.



All adults are invited to meet in the Scott Room at 9:00 a.m. each Sunday for study and discussion.  We'll keep the coffee pot on for you!  Currently we're discussing the book Rescuing the Bible From Fundamentalism by Bishop John Shelby Spong.


Theologian: One who studies issues of faith and religion; one who considers God's relationship with the world.  


Our Thursday Theolgians meet for a brown-bag lunch on Thursdays from Noon to 1:30 for 6 to 8 week sessions throughout the year.  


Our next series begins September 21st when we'll be discussing the book Congquring Fear; Living Boldly in an Uncertain World by Rabbi Harold S. Kushner.


The Women's Fellowship meets in the Women's Parlor at 9:30 a.m. on the second Wednesday of each moth for breakfast, a lively discussion and a short program.


In addition, this is the group that prepares breakfasts for worshippers before our services on Easter Sunday and Father's Day.  They also serve lunches after church funerals when requested by the family.


Our Quilters meet every Saturday at 10:00 a.m. in the Women's Parlor to work on a common project.  Currently they're making quilts for the veterans living near our church.


Every other month we prepare and serve a free hot lunch at the First United Methodist Church.  These meals, open to all, are prepared and served by volunteers with expenses covered by donations from our congregation.